CCYL122 - London Ale Yeast

CCYL122 - London Ale Yeast

The London Ale Yeast is a great choice for traditional British pale ales and stouts because of the dry malty nature of this yeast strain. It does add a slight mineral character and a soft fruitiness. This strain works well in high gravity ales and achieves a high level of attenuation.

CCYL122 - London Ale Yeast

Batch Size
  • Fermentation Data

    Attenuation: 68-78%

    Flocculation: Medium

    Alcohol Tolerance: Medium (5-10%)

    Fermentation Temp: 66-70°F

  • Standard Order Lead-Time

    To ensure the highest purity and viability, we begin propagation for each order once the order is received. Orders are shipped ten business days from receipt of order. We ship Monday-Thursday via FedEx or UPS overnight.

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