Analytical Services

Craft Cultures is proud to offer a full range of brewing related testing that follow methods defined by the American Society of Brewing Chemists.  We pride ourselves on delivering results that are both timely and accurate. 

Wort & Beer Analysis:

  • - Wort Fermentable Saccharides by Chromatography

  • - Wort and Beer Fermentable and Total Carbohydrates by HPLC

  • - Apparent Extract

  • - Alcohol (ABV)

  • - Total Acidity

  • - pH (Hydrogen Ion Concentration)

  • - End Fermentation (Yeast Fermentable Extract)

  • - Calcium + Ions

  • - Diacetyl

  • - Dissolved Oxygen

  • - Total Carbohydrate

  • - Anions (Chloride, Phosphate, and Sulfate) by Ion Chromatography


Please contact us at 906-370-0272 for pricing information, or with question on how we can assist you with your testing needs.

On-site Yeast Care and Maintenance Training

Learn how to truly know the health of your yeast! Great for breweries that crop and re-pitch their yeast for many generations.


With this training you will be able to determine which fermenter is best to crop from for re-pitching and when it is appropriate to use new yeast. The tricks learned with this course will save you from guessing how your yeast are performing and will allow you to produce a more consistent beer style.

On-site Brewery Quality Control Testing

Is your brewery really clean? Are your cleaning protocols working? Are you experiencing unwanted flavors or dealing with contamination problems? Let us reassure you!


With QC testing, we can let you know what cleaning methods truly work and where improvements could be made to avoid beer contaminants. We can teach you some simple testing methods to utilize yourselves OR we are happy to do the testing for you!

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